A Note on Paladins

It is important to keep in mind before beginning anything that a Paladin does not have to be of a particular god or belief, a Paladin by nature is an individual who has faith and perhaps favour with their chosen deity above that of a normal being, even a priest, and wields that faith to fight monsters; be them internal, external, literal or figurative.
Just as there are Paladins of Light, there are also Paladins of Soth, of the Blood Gods or the Waning Moons, and it is important to keep that in mind as this specific site is for Paladins of the Light in particular.

With the above said, it is also worth noting that despite the intended deity of this particular blog, the actions and advice may be applicable to other Paladins if they should take a liking to them.

-The High Paladin


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