Daily Routine

The daily life of a paladin living in an Abbey of the Light follows a similar schedule to that of knights.
Much of their time was spent on honing skills and keeping their levels of fitness high, the daily life of paladins living in an abbey and not on the road can be described as follows:

  • The daily life of a Paladin started at dawn to greet the sun where prayers would be made
  • The first meal of the day for the Paladin was breakfast
  • Paladins would engage in weapon and armour practice at the quintain and the pell, or simply familiarizing themselves with the items in question though stretches and careful movements to build a relationship between them and their kit
  • The daily life of the paladin would include discussions on faith and the wielding of the Light, along with increasing their knowledge of practices of belief and the armory they may use to guide themselves and others
  • Mid morning prayers and a meal
  • Time might be spent cooking and learning similar life skills in order to fill each action and used object of the paladin’s with their personal ties to the Light, many paladins also enjoyed casual work with herbs and plants in the abbey gardens
  • In the afternoon the daily life of Paladins turned to increasing their skills in horsemanship and stamina, often spending a few hours embracing the lowered sun by patrolling and taking part in outside practices
  • Evening prayer and then supper in the main hall
  • After supper there might be some entertainment – music, dancing, reading or light games.
  • Bedtime prayers

So ended the daily life of a Paladin.


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