The basic hierarchy of the Order of the Light

A typical Church of the Light (with exceptions depending on location, numbers, universe and setting) would have a similar core design to the others of the same order, though it is not uncommon for disconnected branches to run on a unique hierarchy to itself.
The core design for most abbeys of worship are as follows, down from the highest earn-able rank to the newest member:

High Paladin
Knight Crusader
Templar                     |                   Crusader
|                                                     |
Knight-Cleric                                             Knight-Errant

It is worth taking a note of the titles Grandmaster and Oathbound, as they are each unique titles that are given in addition to the rank of the individual and are not common or climbable:

An Oathbound member of the Order of the Light is most commonly a Paladin or High Paladin who has left to travel rather than remaining within their abbey or city, remaining loyal to the order itself and the codes and tenants of the Light and following the teachings that were offered by way of this; it is most common for them to be intending to share these teachings or simply the guidance and goodwill of the Light by travelling to the people and places that likely would not have come to them.

A Grandmaster member of the Order of the Light is most commonly of the higher tiers, often a Paladin, Knight Crusader, Templar or Crusader; this title is very uncommonly given to more than two members in the same abbey, it is the title for the most guiding and loyal of the order and one of few titles that can only be given from the Grandmaster of a larger branch downwards and never from within the one itself.

It is also worth taking a moment to be amused by the exceedingly long titles this can cause, for example it is entirely possible to become a Favoured Oathbound Grandmaster High Paladin.



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