A Day of Hearth’s Grace

The Order of the Light acknowledges and understands the need for days of rest and sensitivity, which they commonly refer to as “Days of Hearth’s Grace” and though rarely spoken of many paladins enjoy the benefits.

A Day of Hearth’s Grace
Is a day of rest and extra care, after making the effort to request one from a higher ranking member or one of the High Clerics of their specific order the paladin or trainee in question will be spared from all regular duties including the care of their armour and supplies for the rest of the day; they will be dressed in a plain white robe to signal what they are doing and how to not disturb them, and encouraged to spend the remainder of their Grace in prayer, thought and slow non-strenuous activities.
It may be requested at the dawn of the day after morning prayers or at any time after that, there is no particular limit to how many times someone may request one although if done more than twice a week the High Paladin or a chosen paladin or cleric will begin working with the requester to encourage them to return to regular activities and how they may learn to make these activities less hard on themselves.


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