The Oath of a Paldin

As a follower and actor of the Light I understand to the fullest extent what that entitles and how to enact properly and without misunderstanding the laws of the gods, the understandings and details of which are as follows.

Our world is that of balance, a delicate line between being blinded by light and blinded by darkness; as a follower of the Light I understand the need for rage, regret, despair, fear and loss to an equal or occasionally greater value as gain, courage, hope, delight, and contentment, and choose to play the equalizer for the former by enhancing the latter personally.

As a follower of the Light I also state to understand that my actions are my own and not an embodiment of the Light, I take responsibility for both following and ignoring the guidance the Light will offer me with this role, and that all I may ask for is this offered guidance and not to ask or expect to ever be acting upon the Light’s behalf but as a representative of those that follow and embrace it.

I understand and embrace that the rewards I will be given as a follower of the Light may or may not be to my preferences and that I am not to expect any at all from any various source other than my own internal enjoyment for following the virtues I personally encourage within myself.

I agree, acknowledge and understand that the laws I follow are that of man and gods, not of men, and though lawfulness is to be striven for there may be conflict between the laws that men have created and the laws of the Light, that I will have to engage with to follow my own virtues of which I hold true wherever I may find myself.

As a follower of the Light I promise, swear, and hold true to myself the core teachings of the Light and where they may take me, and swear by this oath I have taken to not use my strengths, knowledge, or the aforementioned teachings to harm, hurt, abuse or otherwise injure, mentally or physically, another sentient being while an alternative choice is present; I will uphold the laws and rights of the Light and its followers with or without provocation to do so and help, care for, guide or otherwise assist any who so need it.

As a follower of the Light I will not stand idle while I am a witness to suffering that I am able to make an effort I am confident will remedy, and will never condone actions that cause suffering to others or to myself.

The Light will always guide those who allow it,
and so guide us through the darkness.


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