Constructing a Prayer to the Light

“Light guide me through the darkness, for I have lost my way…”

This is a favourite opener to a prayer, and quite fittingly a closing as well (Though “Light guide us through the darkness.” is more commonly used to end a prayer) using the design of the Light as guide to the proper potential.
Synonyms for warmth and light are the most effective used when requesting something, a common phrase might be “Keep my beloved close to your hearth” implying making them always feel safe, warm and at home, or “May the candles of my dear ones never flicker” to imply giving them guidance and a clear path, or simply good wills and happiness.
Prayers to the Light can be as short or as long as the paladin has things to say, it is a good time for reflection upon the people and things that they care about and can be an excellent tool to keeping them in the right mindset and sound of mind and body for any trials ahead.


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