A Paladin’s Honor

To a follower of the Light, honor as we perceive it is a paradox:It is both true and false, for one can be bestowed honor but it can be empty until earned by oneself on the individual’s terms, and just as it is easy to give oneself honor on one’s own it may hold no ground until another has bestowed it.

In the most fundamental of truths, honor is something one can only earn by achieving both and knowing what it means to carry honor within them; it is a weight and a constant, it is as much a way of life as it is a reward for a deed and as much a restriction as it is a liberator.

A follower of the Light must understand that to be honorable, at its very core, is to be unwavering in their efforts to portray and live themselves what they understand to be the purest of paladins, weather they are able to match such high standards or not it is in the lack of faltering in the belief of what they are aiming for and the laws they abiding by to do so.

An honorable paladin is bound by that honor, and would sooner die to their own folly than forsake it.


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