Virtues of a Paladin of the Light

There is a reason why the common symbol for the Light is specifically six rays around a sun.
All in all there are actually seven virtues, one for each ray and one for the center itself, these are as follows:

Top Left: Valor – Self-worth, courage, character, honor.
Middle Left: Temperance – restraint, moderation, humility.
Lower Left: Faith – Belief in oneself and the Light, trust, acceptance.

Mercy –
To be gentle and kind and forgive.

Top Right: Justice – Sense of moral worth to an action, defense of those who cannot.
Middle Right: Hope – Aspiration, dreams, creativity, ambition.
Lower Right: Discipline – strength, pride, perseverance, endurance.

If a follower of the Light is particularly lacking in one or a few of the virtues it is not uncommon for them to be given a pendant of a sun with only those rays upon it (or no ray at all if it is Mercy they are lacking, though Mercy is always included to make a point to be gentle while they are learning) to remind them to focus their attention on amending this, though once above the beginning stages of a follower of the Light many choose to wear an amulet with all of the rays of virtue upon it to remind them that there is never a perfect level of any of them and it is best to be consistently working upon them all.


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